17 July 2014

going home

i had such a lovely time in ohio. i was able to have qt with some of my dearest people. i visited one of my favorite places on earth, the cleveland museum of art. i was thrown a gorgeous, low-key, low-pressure shower. i got to do yoga with my mom! and yoga with scott! and yoga instructed by my best friend--she is amazing! i am so stinking proud of her. i could cry. again.

i am always blown away by how beautiful my home is in the summertime. oh, ohio.

i even had a little time to explore music...

i was looking forward to the perfume genius show. and now, i am even more psyched. he is killing it with this new release. "queen".

try flowing to this. seriously. chris is the man. (scott: thank you!!!) "wicked game," chris isaak/soul clap edit.

my friend, npr, told me about this track. it's the bassist from future islands. lovely ditty. the peals, "lonestar" (like texas. how apropos.)

i was "going home" by ásgeir. i came back with a full soul.

'98! "1998" by chet faker.