20 April 2013

compassion it waits

i have been a grump! when it rains, it pours, i suppose.

a few weeks ago, the eldest of ten, my mom's brother, michael, passed away. simultaneously, my parents, aunts, and uncle were urgently trying to find a new home for my grandparents. and then one of my sweet aunts found out she had a brain tumor. 

i scheduled an impromptu trip home, and then i was struck with a four-day stomach virus and could not make my flight. 

my personal sadness, not to mention the horrific explosions here in texas and in boston, have put me in an foul mood. 

my big loving family will be together in july to remember michael. my grandparents are together. cindy's doctor was able to remove nearly all of the tumor and discovered it is a slow-growing form of cancer, which means with treatment they expect a full recovery. and i am headed to ohio next weekend.

"we all know the truth" by banco de gaia

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