27 March 2012

this is gonna be weird...

 ...this csj idiom means "these guys are gonna kill it." case in point(s):

"dark allies" by light asylum--yup, female vocalist. watch it, she'll kick your ass.

AND dan deacon. the man is a genius. instructions were to follow the interpretive dancer. look for c, r, a, s, & i straight ahead. 

other favorites at sxsw this year: built to spill, clap your hands say yeah, chairlift, andrew bird, youth lagoon, sharon van etten, and (totally surprised) fiona apple. here are a few samples...

"same mistake" by clap your hands say yeah

"sifters" by andrew bird

"i belong in your arms" by chairlift

we danced just as hard to this song on night two. "goin' against your mind" by built to spill

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