12 October 2011

never gonna reach you

cut copy was one of my favorite shows at acl this year. i adored lead singer, dan whitford's, signature dance move. his arms were out and welcoming, and then they were drawn back in to his chest with passion. what was he saying?...

 ...i think he "need[s] you now"

10 October 2011

didn't have to stoop so low

there are a few reasons i like gotye. he's australian. his name is wally. oh, and he has a nice voice.

"somebody that i used to know (feat. kimbra)"

here's the video in case you feel like watching.

i'm bound to keep you right

lovely. that's "katy" for blind pilot. if you ask me, israel nebeker's voice is flawless. i wish i could belt it out like him.

"keep you right"