19 July 2011

spiral galactic

the dream popping band, m83, is getting fans excited with a free track from their upcoming album, hurry up, we're dreaming.

"midnight city"

*addendum, 6 september.
i am loving this track, too! zola jesus' whispery intro reminds me of this movie, big time:
"intro (feat. zola jesus)" by m83

13 July 2011

it's real green

cleveland was gorgeous. unlike texas, they had a rainy spring. it was so green and lush i could not stop commenting on it. plus, the temperature was just hot enough during the days and cooled off at night. the way summer should be.

real estate is calming. here's a newbie:
"it's real"

and here's my old favorite, "beach comber"

05 July 2011

get carrot balls

if you live in new york city, and you haven't eaten at rice on elizabeth, you are missing out. you'll find my brother there with four iced hibiscus teas. and last summer when jacqui visited us in the city and we ate at rice, guess who sat down right next to us? moby. here are two of my favorites from his latest, destroyed.

"the broken places"

"stella maris"