19 May 2011

roof's half gone

sometimes i have music on my computer for months before i listen to it. so was the case with the suckers' album, wild smile. why did I wait?! i am loving this track from the art-pop quartet. each band member made their own video for this song. here is pan's colorful blob take:
"a mind i knew" by suckers
ps: i hope no one ever tells me my "heart is like a crippled demon". dang.

16 May 2011

only for your very space

"calgary" by bon iver

14 May 2011

little dragon man

"little man" by little dragon

oh, when the saints

when the saints go machine are an electro-pop quartet. stereogum made an arthur russell reference and when i listened to the song, "pinned", i had to agree. this is the song that i can't stop listening to:

"fail forever"

04 May 2011

you know how i feel

new! it's real mellow. perfect.
"eyes be closed" by washed out

01 May 2011

it's holdable

i am a huge nerd for fireworks. and for explosions in the sky. what a coincidence then, when one year during south by southwest, explosions in the sky played to the backdrop of fireworks over town lake (pre-lady bird johnson lake). i am thrilled that they are opening for arcade fire this week. the austin quartet's "cathartic mini-symphonies" make for great study-to and vege-to music. i haven't listened to the tracks off of the new album, take care, take care, out this week. but in the meantime, here's a favorite: 

"your hand in mine"