20 April 2011

video game music

yeah, it's from a video game soundtrack, portal 2. sounds dumb. maybe that's harsh, it definitely sounds like something i would not like. but i do like this song!

"exile vilify" by the national
(admit it, that song title is straight-up videogamey)

16 April 2011

gonna bring you faster

tv on the radio's nine types of light is out and it's all i've been listening to since tuesday! (well, that and "helplessness blues"...) "second song" makes me so glad that these guys are making music together again.

if you've got some time, here you can watch all of their videos:

15 April 2011

if i had an orchard

is this them in austin at acl?!
"cosmic folk." it's music to soothe the soul. i feel like bridget and daniel would've loved this album back in their hippie heyday. get your new fleet foxes album, helplessness blues on may 3rd. in the meantime, download this song "helplessness blues" right now:
how about these lyrics: "if i had an orchard i'd work till i'm sore/and you would wait tables and soon run the store"?

11 April 2011

i'm the one for him

the beta band broke up years ago. but i didn't know about the british "folktronic" group when they were still playing together.

surely, john put this on a mix because the lyrics speak to his heart.
"she's the one" by the beta band

08 April 2011

rick, is that you?

zoo kid, archy marshall, is a young one. but he sings with grown man gruff.
(and he looks like rick astley)
"out getting ribs" by zoo kid

05 April 2011

i do dream of it

i love this song featured in a commercial and on a john mix. you'll know the riff i like best, it'll be the one that makes your shoulders move. kind of makes you want to buy a buick, doesn't it?

"rocket" by working for a nuclear free city
researched these guys and found this track. how do they know?! 
"sarah dreams of summer"

01 April 2011

want to walk around w/ you

filter posted their top five anticipated shows at coachella this year and it pumped me up on this song again. animal collective kicks ass! put on your summertime clothes and hunt for the breeze...

"summertime clothes"