30 March 2011


one of the things i will miss about south austin is my ability to walk just about anywhere. just heard on kgsr that sarah jaffe is kicking off the unplugged at the grove series on april 14th. yay! i love her voice. (and name... not sure why she wants to change it?!) come unplug with me. i'll walk there.

"clementine" by sarah jaffe

25 March 2011

mellow evenings

here's to perfectly temperatured nights (while they last) and having my man around for long weekends! when i want to mellow out, there are certain instrumentals that help me to do just that. these ones are all from soundtracks... recognize them?

23 March 2011

anytime will do

tv on the radio played a lot at sxsw, but somehow i never caught them. drats. i am excited about their album, nine types of light, set for release on april 12th. this track is light and easy. and the video will appeal to the sci-fi nerd in you.

"will do"