28 February 2011

can't please everyone

a must-see concert friday! i was so-so on the walkmen, but once i saw them live at a kgsr broadcast early in the morning a few years ago, i was hooked. they are incredible live! and, side note: dreamy, too.

"while i shovel the snow"

24 February 2011

remain a kid

i am hypnotized by wu lyf (world untie lucifer youth foundation). the website promotes their sounds as heavy pop. it's music "for kids who have the courage to remain kids". are the kids going to take over the world?

"spitting it concrete like the golden sun god"

18 February 2011

set you free

i am stressed out. thank god thom yorke is here to distract me.

"lotus flower"

lame... they disabled embedding the video.
download the new radio head album now! http://www.thekingoflimbs.com/

13 February 2011

hazy time

csj has introduced me to another doozie: future islands. they describe their music as "post-wave". i'm reminded of depeche mode and new order. i love frontman, herring's, husky voice.

"vireo's eye"

10 February 2011

exist in more than time

the dream popping indie rocking canadian band, young galaxy, makes me happy.

 "peripheral visionaries"
you like it? go and get it: peripheral visionaries

"we have everything"

02 February 2011

get under cover

remember when we survived a torrential downpour by seeking shelter under an acl tent in order to see devotchka? well, tonight i sought the shelter of my warm apartment, and i'm listening to this new devotchka song and deciding how i feel about the video.

"100 other lovers" by devotchka