16 December 2010

warm winds coming through

i would like for you to "find me where the warm winds coming through". couple dexter tortoriello and megan messina of houses know what's up, living in hawaii "in a warm house / packing [their] suitcases with the sun in [their] eyes". this song is washed out-esque, and we know i love what ernest gets up to!

"reds" by houses

their story makes me like them even more:

07 December 2010

palms sound nice

painted palms remind me of yeasayer, with a little touch of the rainforest. 

download the whole ep for free!:

appropriate for the season: "winter hymn" by painted palms

03 December 2010

i cannot wait for summer

...amen to that song lyric. (although, to be honest, it feels like summer in austin today. mother nature is being a big tease.) i love george lewis jr.'s voice. and it helps that i am a huge fan of 80's new wave. these songs make me feel like i'm molly ringwald.

"i can't wait" by twin shadow

"slow" by twin shadow