28 November 2010

it's casual

i am still full. and lazy. cannot figure out what this song means. but it's mellow to go w/ my mood.

"casual" by here we go magic

22 November 2010

the most natural thing

i am making our thanksgiving traveling mixes and john special requested this one from the republic tigers, which he discovered on my computer and i had forgotten about. i think my little magic friend inside of itunes recommended this to me awhile back. this song soothes me, but also keeps me going... the group blends rock and folk in the right way.

hey, enjoy your thanksgiving!

"buildings and mountains" by the republic tigers

11 November 2010

from the tide

i want to go to where they are.

a b-side off of the new single release, "caregiver". 
"heirloom" by memoryhouse

and just because we're talking about them, my favorite remix:
"to the lighthouse (million young remix)" by memoryhouse

08 November 2010


hot water's turned off because it smelled like gas in my apartment. and my car is going in tomorrow for what's bound to be an expensive day.  say it with me: grrrr.

"the pills won't help [me] you now" by the chemical brothers
(w/ midlake)

that's enough from darah downer.
nothing like a little robert smith to pick-me-up!
"not in love (ft. robert smith)" by crystal castles