30 September 2010

fall fix

autumn really exists. i had forgotten how beautiful it is! getting a friend, family, and fall fix was good for my soul. as i drove the junkia around town, i played some old cds, circa 2002ish. memories...

drives in the '73 beetle with beau.
"the sea" by morcheeba

south carolina road trip.
"destiny" zero 7

spinning. blue hippie skirt. steve o.
"driver" by phish

just because

i love this song.

my dear friend

dear friend, i will miss you. but picturing you flying to a happier place brings me great joy. i hold you close to my heart. whatever you decide to do, i hope you are able to leap with confidence. see you soon!

"growing up beside you" by paolo nutini

29 September 2010

makes me want to jump

this weather is glorious! and here are the latest songs i'm listening to with my arm outside my open car window, dancing. thanks to john e.!

"wet & rusting" by menomena

"avril 14th" by aphex twin

"your rocky spine" by great lake swimmers

"sudden rush (the twelves remix)" by erlend oye

"jungle drum" by emiliana torrini

20 September 2010

feet on the air

i've never seen the pixies live before. but i will on wednesday. and i am really excited to see the fuck buttons tear it up again... all two of 'em! but i will admit i am pissed that it's at my least favorite venue in austin. austin music hall, redeem yourself this week, please.

train hobos dying in an earthquake? never would have guessed.
"here comes your man"

with your feet on the air and your head on the ground
"where is my mind"

18 September 2010

my favorite word

y'all. yeah, that's it. i moved to texas so that i could use "y'all" without weird looks. (oh, and so i could have a koozie on hand at all times without getting heckled.) let's be honest, there's another word in this song i like. a lot.

"fucked up (hurricane mix feat. thom yorke)" by tupac shakur

17 September 2010

i've got something on my mind

you may hear neil young and the beach boys influences in this new track, "shadow people," from dr. dog. i do!
you can stream the new album and score some free songs if you're willing to share the link on facebook: http://www.drdogmusic.com/

16 September 2010

a man in my eyes

how tall is he, really? folk musician, kristian matsson, the tallest man on earth, is playing at antone's on saturday. be there or be sad you missed it. nate will agree, a favorite tiny desk concert:

15 September 2010

dream of you forever

in honor of the walkmen's kick ass release: lisbon, here's a gothamist house video of them doing my favorite song from the album:
"blue as your blood"

listen to the new album. you will love it!
and if you can get this to run on your browser, i am jealous: 

13 September 2010

most contagious laugher

i have been really missing my brother lately! 

i just rediscovered some gems i downloaded when i raided his music collection this summer.

"losing your affection" by future bible heroes

"constant surprises" by little dragon

"lay your head down" by keren ann

10 September 2010

happy running away

my concert-stalker, chris--no joke when he was in austin, every concert i went to he was there--posted this song awhile ago and i finally remembered to download it. and now i am satiating on it.


"chinatown" by wild nothing

awesome find by scott!

"walking in chinatown" empire of the sun vs wild nothing

09 September 2010

i like a good mix

the latest. from john.

pinback has turned up on several gifted mixes:
"loro" by pinback

they'll be here at the mohawk acl weekend!:
"dust devil" by school of seven bells

i hear an 80s ring:
"in your room" by airiel

brooklyn-based classical musician's are wowing me with this one:
"cherry blossoms" by project

07 September 2010

i'm only good sometimes

blonde redhead's new album is coming out the 14th. cannot. wait! hit their website, or sign up below to download this track for free. http://www.blonde-redhead.com/. oh, and see them in austin in december. it's a dream concert for me!


04 September 2010

the drafthouse

it was a perfectly temperatured night in austin last night. and it rejuvenated my austin-spirits, being one of the best nights i have had since i have been home.

if i ever move from austin, one of the things i will undoubtedly miss is the alamo drafthouse movie theaters. who doesn't love the option to eat and drink while you watch a movie? and who isn't excited that they are going to be showing waiting for guffman on the big screen in one of their series'?! more than once, i have immediately gone home to download one of the remixes they have played during their alamo events previews. the latest is a track from girly band, au revoir simone.

here's a video of the remix (i like the beats):
"shadows (teenagers remix)"

and here's the track without the remix:

03 September 2010

so, there!

crummy week, i showed you. turned it around with a show at one of my forgotten favorite venues, the cactus cafe. that venue kicks ass--the acoustics and intimacy are hard to beat. scott and i saw a local band, the eastern sea, play a free show there last night. good luck to those boys and girl on their tour. here's to hoping their zeal is embraced on the road like it is by their fans in austin.

  "this is holborn" by the eastern sea

02 September 2010

ooh la la

so excited to see sweet sufjan stevens at the long center next month. his sound is hard to describe. electronic? folk? a bit little of everything. mix it up, sufjan, i like it. download his new album, the age of adz: sufjanstevens.bandcamp.com/album/the-age-of-adz

equally as excited to check out a musician at the long center. so fancy.
here's one from his new album: 
"i walked"

01 September 2010

young and movin' fast

besides giving a shout out to the home state, there's one thing i have to say about the black keys: rock and roll (on the playground).

"tighten up" by the black keys