04 July 2010

outdoor day rave

i am officially obsessed with the ps1 moma's warm up series. my day spent at the museum was a highlight of my trip so far. the outdoor installation, "pole dance," was reminiscent of the beach and i spent most of the day in the sandy area in my happy place. there were also misters, a kiddie-sized pool, netting above with medicine balls inside, a hammock room, and if you shook the poles that held the netting up, sound came out from the speakers (supposedly you could adjust the sound by logging into a website on your iphone and pressing + or -). not to mention, the museum is fantastic!

by the time delorean took the stage, the dance floor was jam-packed. delorean's sound is described on the ps1 site as: "a fus[ion of] their native spanish balearic beat with mediterranean influences and sunny indie rock". i think i could sum them up as spanish passion pit without the high-pitched squeak voice.

crowd pleasers!
they jammed hard for the whole set!
here is a single off of subiza: 

"stay close" by delorean

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