23 July 2010

music creating good vibes

chris and i took a water taxi to governor's island to see edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros at a venue called "the beach". heck, yeah. it was awesome! the show was magical. does alex ebert always wear that white jacket and scarf? he is iconic. however, i was a little perturbed when he said after three songs, "we're gonna take a little break." what the hell?! then after 30 minutes they returned to the stage and starting playing again without an explanation. not cool, guys, not cool.

"janglin" by edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros

not sure if it was henry wolfe or aaron embry of we are each other i was hearing, but someone sounded exactly like the lead singer of fleet foxes. and i liked it. henry wolfe's folk music definitely has a sweet sound.
"someone else" by henry wolfe

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