08 July 2010

i like how the day sounds

i have so much to say about the greg laswell, cary brothers, and harper blynn show. what endearing mellow show. we missed harper blynn, formerly, pete and j. but i can imagine they were fantastic, considering they played with laswell and brothers and are excellent musicians. (and funny to boot!)

some highlights: greg laswell going into a laughing fit, trying twice to sing a sad song, but then asking for his guitar back so he could do an upbeat song first to get rid of the giggles. cary brothers (just one guy, no brother, who knew?!) likes to drop f-bombs. for instance, when talking about the song we all know from the garden state soundtrack, "blue eyes," he said the girl he wrote it for told him she thought he was talking shit about her and he said, "how the fuck could you hear those lyrics and think that..." i like him. and how about when cary brothers & co. played tears for fears?! too good!

greg laswell has found himself onto my mellow mixes for sure. 
"how the day sounds"

he played this one acoustic and it was gorgeous:
"high and low"

here's the song from pete and j that i like:
"runnin round the world"

cary brothers' voice can carry. ha!, no pun intended. 
(is it just me, or is that mary-kate olsen?!)

you didn't think i'd name-drop tears for fears and not indulge you?!:
"everybody wants to rule the world"

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