15 July 2010

concert fail

last night i hated new york city. my iphone (or own stupidity) got me on the wrong train. when i realized my mistake, i wandered a subway station trying to figure out which way to go. and it is hot down there. eventually, i surrendered to a cab and when i got there i had already missed beach fossils (and i'll miss them in august in austin, too). drats! fortunately, i was able to catch small black. but then afterwards, a subway success dropped me near my brother's in a torrential downpour. and walking in the rain on these streets sucks. failure.

i became enamored with small black during sxsw when they backed washed out as ernest's band. 
i like the way artist wikipedia describes the sound, "bedroom synthpop that sounds fuzzy and woozily suggestive". exactly. here's one i like from that collaboration:
"you'll see (washed out remix)" by small black

i agree with the poet who was standing next to me and kept repeating this eloquent observation: "great beats." great video, here, too:
"despicable dogs" by small black

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Anonymous said...

taking the wrong train is the same feeling as waking up late when trying to catch a plane, make a meeting, etc. Also, it's embarrassing. But it's good to see you're experiencing stuff.