30 June 2010

fecking awesome

i didn't know much about we were promised jetpacks, but i was pleasantly surprised that they are scots--love that accent! for the record, i am a huge fan of anyone who says, "thanks so fecking much!" or anything else with the word "fecking," to be honest.  jetpacks entered to a futuristic robot-lady repeating a sequence of numbers over the pa--what do they mean?!--it got the crowd all kinds of excited. and then they powered into it and didn't stop until the last beat of the last song. these guys rock, and hard!

so pretty live: "this is my house, this is my home"

you know this one: "quiet little voices"
brooklyn-bred "hyphy" band, bear hands, opened up for jetpacks and they were a blast, too. the guy in front of me brought out his party finger, the sarah-dancing-arm was up, and the randos (that happened to be from dallas, san antonio, and houston) to my right were bouncing, too. bear hands are seriously hipster. i wonder if lead vocalist, dylan rau, has any idea how skinny his arms are in that long tank. and i also wonder if they heard frontman, adam thompson, from jetpacks say that he was glad to give bear hands the opportunity to tour "since they aren't doing much of anything".  oops.

"what a drag" by bear hands

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