30 June 2010

fecking awesome

i didn't know much about we were promised jetpacks, but i was pleasantly surprised that they are scots--love that accent! for the record, i am a huge fan of anyone who says, "thanks so fecking much!" or anything else with the word "fecking," to be honest.  jetpacks entered to a futuristic robot-lady repeating a sequence of numbers over the pa--what do they mean?!--it got the crowd all kinds of excited. and then they powered into it and didn't stop until the last beat of the last song. these guys rock, and hard!

so pretty live: "this is my house, this is my home"

you know this one: "quiet little voices"
brooklyn-bred "hyphy" band, bear hands, opened up for jetpacks and they were a blast, too. the guy in front of me brought out his party finger, the sarah-dancing-arm was up, and the randos (that happened to be from dallas, san antonio, and houston) to my right were bouncing, too. bear hands are seriously hipster. i wonder if lead vocalist, dylan rau, has any idea how skinny his arms are in that long tank. and i also wonder if they heard frontman, adam thompson, from jetpacks say that he was glad to give bear hands the opportunity to tour "since they aren't doing much of anything".  oops.

"what a drag" by bear hands

28 June 2010

officially hipster

my new favorite neighborhood, williamsburg, also houses my new favorite venue, music hall of williamsburg--the intimacy of the venue makes me so happy! we saw memory tapes there on saturday. dayve hawke's voice was a little raw, but i still think memory tapes kick ass! and i loved how my favorite song, "bicycle," was sneak-cycled throughout the one track he and his drummer played to for the whole show. can't track down the drummer's name, but props to him and his wicked fast hands!

only caught a little of the long island band, twin sister, but i liked their spunk. if you go to: twinsistermusic.com, you can download their music for free!

 listen to the twin:
"lady daydream"

"all around and away we go"

26 June 2010

go outside

people in new york have been talking about how hot it is outside. but i know hot. all i want to do is "go outside"! the weather is splendid! mariel told me to go here (http://cults.bandcamp.com/) for a free download. heck, yeah!
here's my favorite: "go outside" by the cults

24 June 2010

statue run song

pretty awesome to run with the statue of liberty in my line of vision. 

i'll admit it, i am feeling a little homesick. i've got such a good thing going in austin. and this city is so overwhelming at first. but i took a stress releasing run and cleared my mind and then, thanks to elaine's suggestion, i ventured to this gem: ohmyrockness.com. ...i might just have to go and see a show tonight!

this song gave me super running powers on chelsea pier:
"brow beaten" by silver columns

22 June 2010

don't miss me too much

i'm off to the concrete jungle where dreams are made of! hoping to discover some good music while i'm there. i'll be sure to report! see you in 48 days, austin!

"empire state of mind" by jay-z & alicia keys

21 June 2010

oh, sugar

the outfits! the moves! truly, choreography and synchronization at its best. remember them on the treadmill? man, i love these guys! why did i miss them last month... why?!

"end love" by ok go

in so much trouble

years ago i had tickets to see matt pond pa at the parish, but he bailed at the last minute and the concert was canceled. hoping to actually see him tonight at the mohawk if i finish packing!

"so much trouble" by matt pond pa

who doesn't want a "magic boyfriend"?!

passion from the pits

i saw passion pit a few years ago at emo's and my friend and i were definitely the oldest broads in there. regardless, they rocked it! then i saw them at acl and they were a huge disappointment. i don't think they are cut out for such a big space. for this reason, i was apprehensive to see them at stubb's. but they were fantastic! granted they are not wowing us with any new stuff and i think it's about time (no need to see them again until they release some new music, considering i have now heard it three times). however, they did play this choice track, and i liked it. if you were there, it was probably me and my friends you heard singing!:

"dreams (cranberries cover)" by passion pit

15 June 2010

how far is ohio?

argh. going to miss damien jurado at club deville on the 26th. saw him at cactus cafe a year or so ago up close and personal and it was such a pleasant show. he has great crowd banter and a self-deprecating sense of humor. check him out, austinites!

here is a dorky (said with the utmost respect) video somebody made for one of my favorites: "ohio"

and another favorite: "denton, tx"

and two new songs:
"cloudy shoes"


11 June 2010

i love to sing along w/ you

do you want to know why i have loved josh ritter since the longhair, ut days?... this was the time when my love affair with austin really began. and these songs will always remind me of meghan and our roommate bliss.

to be honest, i haven't even heard the new cd. but i am still going to see him monday, and fingers crossed he plays these two favorites:

"good man"

"monster ballads"

09 June 2010

i really f'd it up this time...

...not really. everything's fine. but i love that line from the mumford and sons song, "little lion man". i like to sing it in my best english accent. going to another concert tonight. fancy that! the middle east is opening up for mumford and it is going to be a lovely show.

"little lion man" by mumford and sons

have to put "blood" by the middle east on here again. how can you not love the ah-ah-ahing at around 3:22?

some melt-your-heart lyrics: "and it's the darkest side of my heart that dies when you come to me."
"the darkest side" by the middle east

07 June 2010

this is happening

pumped. even the heat at stubb's won't stop me when this track--that i keep on repeat--hits my ears. i think i will dance myself clean.

"dance yrself clean" by lcd sound system

06 June 2010

sexy song

this song is real smooth. it's an old one. to be honest, i discovered it in the movie hackers, but it did not make it on the soundtrack so i stalked it until i found it. and today i am remembering how much i love it. pump the bass. oh, yeah.

"protection" by massive attack

04 June 2010

dance like baloo

you are about to see and hear something wonderful...morning benders singing a cover of louis prima's "wanna be like you," and this wild and crazy troupe (i don't even know what to call them) doing a fantastic choreographed routine to it. those moves! man, i love this.

"wanna be like you" by morning benders, danced to by team lexington

team lexington is something else. check them out... http://www.myspace.com/teamlexington

03 June 2010

my color's cooler

remember when mother nature opened the skies just as i was moving my clothes to my new place? real funny, lady. when you're ticked off, turn this one up. it'll make everything okay! worked for me, i went from anger to attempts to pop, lock, and drop.

"cooler couleur" crookers vs yelle

ps: yelle is aweome!

02 June 2010


shout out to eric w. for reminding me how much i love school of seven bells. these identical twins and their bandmate can siiiing!

put your arm out the car window and fly it in the wind to this track.
"half asleep"

dark. good. and i didn't know sinéad was their singer... right?

01 June 2010

i need more than one

i've choreographed a sweet dance to this. let me know if you want to see it. aloe blacc is singing to us with soul here in this theme song for the hbo series how to make it in america. aloe, it's not in the bottle, man. and i have a lot of stories to share if anyone wants to share their dollars with me.

"i need a dollar" by aloe blacc

the video cuts out to another smooth r&b song... but in case you want to hear it in full, here's the version i have without the cut-to:

* september 19th: aloe is the man! http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=129889026

i'm not your toy

the challenge is to see if i can get my hair to look like elanor's tonight for the la roux show. this electropop duo is influenced by some of the greats: depeche mode & erasure. and who doesn't love 80s synth pop?!

watch my shoulders for this one:
"i'm not your toy (datA remix)" by la roux