09 May 2010

for you, marms!

happy mother's day to my sweet mother!

certain artists always make me think of my mom.  rickie lee jones is definitely one of them. when beau and i were young, my parents were looking for property at the lake and they had rickie lee jones on repeat as we drove around roaming shores--and we hated her! but now i love rlj and the memories of my childhood her songs bring me.

"satellite" by rickie lee jones

there are a few things i miss about cleveland. but mostly, it is being away from my family that makes my heart ache from time to time. i had such a charmed childhood. and my infatuation with music comes from being raised in a home where music was always playing. this song doesn't necessarily capture what homesick means to me, but it is pretty and i love the kings of convenience...

"homesick" by kings of convenience

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