27 May 2010


the one, the only, arcade fire. fingers crossed that they play friday or saturday at lollapalooza. leaked newbies:

"the suburbs"

"month of may"

25 May 2010

songs from a home

home, sweet home.

on the radical face album, ghost, each song is a story about homes and the things that have happened in them. even though i think it sounds a little like billy corgan singing and smashing pumpkins songs find their way on to my "rage" list--which means i want to throw my radio out of the window when i hear them--somehow i still really like this song. and i like that it said on wikipedia that ben cooper picked the name radical face because he thought it was funny. you're funny, ben cooper.

"welcome home, son" by radical face

24 May 2010

church music

it's decided. central presbyterian church is one of my favorite venues in austin. for starters, that stained glass is stunning. and then, the acoustics! shoot. they will blow you away. we saw laura marling there on saturday and she sounded incredible... and the church cannot take all the credit. laura's voice carries, regardless. i am jealous. once and awhile i heard a hint of joni mitchell, wonder if you'll hear her, too?

"new romantic" by laura marling

my cousin saw the same show recently in ohio and he's right, the opener, pete roe is fantastic, too. he played a jolly good show!

22 May 2010


the memory tapes show at sxsw this year was one of my favorites.  little did i know, dayve hawke has three music aliases: memory tapes, memory cassette, and weird tapes. uh, yeah, dayve is awesome. here is a writeup about him in pitchfork:

"bicycle" is one of my favorite discoveries this year. listen hard at about 3:20 & prepare to be wowed. if you catch me air batting in my car, chances are it's to this:
"bicycle" by memory tapes

"last one awake (friend version)" by memory cassette

"the heavens" by weird tapes

20 May 2010

when they say hot...

...they mean hot!         

yesterday in my blazing hot yoga class, this lovely song helped me flow through chaturanga, to urdhva mukha svanasana, and on to adho mukha svanasana. that's a lie. i spent a lot of time in child's pose.  (ease up, it was only my third hot yoga class!)

surely, someday, this will accompany my super sweet calculated unsweaty quiet flow... 

"sweet tides" by thievery corporation

19 May 2010

pasión argentina

this morning on my (late) drive to work i heard this song by the argentinians in paris, gotan project, on eklektikos and it put me in the best mood! i also found out yesterday that francis mallman is doing a cooking class at central market this weekend. elaine, erin, and i ate at 'francis mallman 1884' in mendoza this summer, and i am not afraid to say that it was the best meal i have ever eaten in my life! it made us smile all over our faces:

ah, going to have sweet dreams of argentina!
"peligro" by gotan project

and ps: if you haven't caught eklektikos on KUT, try to, he features some great songs!

13 May 2010

lately, a cloud overhead

am i the only one that's had a dark cloud hovering over their head this week? i am ready for the sun to come and push it away. i like to listen to this song on days when i am blue:

"lately" by helio sequence

and, look!...i found this picture of the helio boys playing at the mohawk where i stumbled upon them a few years ago!

12 May 2010

don't do that

don't pull your heart away, jack peñate. something about his voice reminds me of the lead singer of the church, steve kilbey's, voice. maybe it is because his accent is so strong at the start of the song, plus something about this song is screaming "80s movie ballad" at me (and maybe that is because of the neverending story-like video?). this song has got soul. indie soul.

"pull my heart away" by jack peñate

yeah, i did say the church. you'll hear the accent if you listen close. there's a reason that australians voted it the best aussie song of the last 20 years. it is that good.

"under the milkyway" by the church

10 May 2010

and the answer is

name the soundtrack that this song--one of my favorite u2 songs--is on... and you best accompany your answer with a choice quote from the movie. don't let me down!

"all i want is you" by u2

09 May 2010

for you, marms!

happy mother's day to my sweet mother!

certain artists always make me think of my mom.  rickie lee jones is definitely one of them. when beau and i were young, my parents were looking for property at the lake and they had rickie lee jones on repeat as we drove around roaming shores--and we hated her! but now i love rlj and the memories of my childhood her songs bring me.

"satellite" by rickie lee jones

there are a few things i miss about cleveland. but mostly, it is being away from my family that makes my heart ache from time to time. i had such a charmed childhood. and my infatuation with music comes from being raised in a home where music was always playing. this song doesn't necessarily capture what homesick means to me, but it is pretty and i love the kings of convenience...

"homesick" by kings of convenience

08 May 2010


this swede makes lovely mellow music.

"11 years" by frederik

and check him out here on my fiancé, npr's, site: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=126282837

07 May 2010

oh, yeah, it's friday!

it's nearly the weekend!  this'll keep you going:
"ghostwriter" by rjd2

06 May 2010

i've made out like a bandit

i don't know if this happens to you, but sometimes i have those days when it just hits me: i am so happy. and i cannot wipe the delight off of my face. today i had my (first) last visit with one of my sweeties that will graduate on to kinder. it is a bittersweet time of year because i will truly miss the little muffins moving on, but man, they are so proud and pumped that i cannot help but be excited for them, too! what an awesome transition in their young lives!

anyway, on the way back to work after the visit i was blaring music with the windows down thinking about how good i have got it...i love my job, my family, my friends, and austin! and here are some songs that make me smile for different reasons:

because of the lyrics: "my life's been so sweet i just can't stand it... i must admit i've made out like a bandit"
"earthbound" by rodney crowell

because it is the nicest song a guy could write for someone he's not even dating (and griffin is adorable)
"the guy that says goodbye to you is out of his mind" by griffin house

because i love 80s music, movies, and videos
"the ghost in you" by the psychedelic furs

03 May 2010

killing me

jacqui made her 8th or 9th trip to austin.  and on this long monday all i can think is...

..."the good times are killing me" by modest mouse 

someone told me i need more photo documentation, so here you go (ahem, clayton)...               
and while we're at it, how about two more of my favorites from modest mouse?  if you ask me, i think it's time for them (and jacqui!) to come back to austin!

"missed the boat"

"gravity rides everything"