15 April 2010

what nice weather means

i say spring is over.  and you know what summer means?  burgers, lawns, and free music.  well at least when it comes to the "kgsr unplugged at the grove" series.  http://www.kgsr.com/unplugged/

tonight if the storm doesn't hit, charlie mars will serenade.  and if you haven't seen him, please note how dreamy he is:


here he is in a video w/ mlp.
"listen to the darkside" by charlie mars

* post show: sorry, charlie. not super impressed. the acoustics at shady grove might not be the best. he had banter going for him, the music was nice, and he is fun to look at, but his voice was a little too piercing for me. and the torrential downpour didn't help...

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Audrey said...

Mmmm, he is dreamy!