17 April 2010

swirl hair

the other day one of my clients said, "so, tell me what's going on with your hair."  and i told her, willi, my hair guru had been hinting at the swirl 'do--short on the right side and cut at an angle all the way around to my long "signature piece" on the left--for quite some time.  it was getting progressively more asymmetrical with each cut and i started to embrace it, so one day i just told him to get after it.  anyway, my client's response: "hmmm, so that was on purpose..."  i don't think she likes it.  but i do love that story!

besides hair, willi also loves music.  and that's what we talk about while he works his magic.  there has even been a cd exchange.  and here are my favorites.

a new (old) favorite from a favorite.
"the trees were mistaken" by andrew bird

this song is something else:
"oh messiah" by timber timbre

and this is not actually one of the two beach fossils songs on my mix, but it's one i love and you will get the idea.
"youth" by beach fossils

i also like this mellow one from air waves.
By: Edwina Hay
"lightning" by air waves

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