11 April 2010

rainy day songs

sometimes you want to dance in the rain (think acl 2009).  sometimes you want to hole up and listen to mellow nostalgic ballads.  today i might just hole up.

last year at the film festival i saw an incredibly moving documentary about a little sweetie with autism.  i highly recommend it: http://www.horseboymovie.com/.  this song was featured in the film.  i loved it from the moment i heard it on a mix my brother made for me years before, and now that i associate it with the emotion of the movie, it takes my breath away.  hoping to see it played like this someday...

"to build a home" by cinematic orchestra

this one gets me deep, too.  heard this on npr's song of the day and immediately downloaded it.  it is the quintessential break-up-mix song.  careful, it'll make your eyes wet.

"blue skies" by noah and the whale


Simply Yummy Goodness said...

look at how cute your rain dance partners are. especially the one in the middle. : )

sarah d. said...

i mean, seriously! nobody can rain dance like those chicks. look out!