21 April 2010

jury's still out

livin' the dream.  our first dj-off.

usually dj smitten kitten, dj rahk, and dj ant rivers dance to the music.  this time we brought it! according to the inebriated judges, we need another go around. you had better be there. in the meantime, dance to these...

this crowd pleaser comes at you from dj smitten kitten, an up-and-coming magic music weaver that is taking austin to new levels of sweaty booty shaking!
(no name and artist necessary)

dj ant rivers used his day skills to tech up his mix. what was that i heard?  overlap?  fade out?  blew my mind with this track. i think i've found my new theme song.
"music is my hot, hot sex" by css

and this one will be on every dance mix i make.
"party and bullshit in the usa" notorious BIG vs miley cyrus (hathbanger remix)

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