17 April 2010


concert 5 of 5 for the week: homegrown live at the parish w/ the bright light social hour, the frontier brothers, and the lemurs.

the bright light social hour rocked it.  mr. moustache, especially.  my personal favorite lyric, sung to a bluesy tune: "...why don't you come over here and sit on my moustache."  no, thanks.  but you're fun.

"back and forth" by the bright light social hour

i still have a special place in my music heart for the lemurs.  michael kincaid was a nice surprise on joint vocals.  he & mitch (the rockstar in the picture w/ me below) can carry a tune together for sure.  
yeah, i know people. 
"nina" by the lemurs

i don't have much to say about the frontier brothers...  (except, "thundercats, whoa!!!")

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